Cycladic basics #1

what you need to know for an unforgettable vacation in Paros!

When you first lay eyes on the trademark windmill at the port of Parikia, and if you’ve never been to Paros before, you really have no idea about the ambience on this famous island of the Cyclades. No matter the stories and the descriptions you may have heard, nothing can beat actually experiencing what this special island has to offer.

This is because, as you will find out, Paros manages to float on the crest of people’s choices by preserving a unique balance: without being a tedious jet-set island, it features an elegant cosmopolitan vibe; and although immersed in total Cycladic whiteness, it possesses a calm, yet not deserted, kindness.

Welcome to your new favorite island of the Cyclades!

Here’s what you need to keep in mind, in order to really get to know the place and to enjoy your vacation:

No matter where you choose to stay, you can be certain that your explorations on the island will unfold around two landmarks; the beautiful capital of Parikia and the spectacularly picturesque Naoussa. In the town of Parikia looms the Venetian Castle and, of course, the famous church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani (literally, the church with 100 doors). This early Christian temple with the rich history, features many marble sections from ancient temples, added to its construction. In the market of Parikia, and on the wide seaside street starting from the port, you can take a wonderful evening stroll.

The famous town of Naoussa, on the other hand, on the northern coast of the island, has its own unique character, authentically Cycladic and incredibly lively. Without a doubt, the heart of Paros’ nightlife beats in the alleys that run from the small picturesque port of Naoussa. Of course, you simply have to also take a long walk to discover the village during the daylight.

As far as swimming is concerned, you can choose one of the many beaches of the island, each one distinctive with its own style.

The leeward Faragas with the golden sand, the crystal clear waters and the rich vegetation, features the amenities of a cosmopolitan beach and is one of the most popular summer destinations.

The long beach of Chryssi Akti has it all (extra credit given by the lovers of water sports), Punta Beach is always vibrating with party beats, while the golden sandy beach of Molos offers more privacy and sea pines.

A dive in Kolibithres, directly from the granite rock formations that resemble a lunar landscape, will exquisitely complete your exploration of the island.

The mountain villages of Paros are also worth a visit. You will love the amphitheatrically built Lefkes, shining with their whiteness amongst the pine trees; Marpissa with its four windmills; and Kostos, the “balcony” of Paros. Take a rest in their coffee shops and try souma, the traditional distilled drink of Paros.

Finally, if there is still time and you feel like it, arrange a one-day excursion to Antiparos, the small nearby island with the slightly alternative vibes. Apart from its Cycladic whitewashed village and its crystal waters, there is a unique ancient cave with stalagmites that will definitely amaze you!